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Trash On Trucks proudly offers weekly home trash removal and recycling services to the Chippewa Valley. Call or email for pricing and availability.

Trash On Trucks reserves the right to alter route times and days as needed.

Please have your trash and recycling out for collection by 5 a.m. on your pick up day.

Do not place anything of value in or near your waste containers.

Absolutely NO Yard Waste, Hazardous Waste, paints/thinners, motor oils, pesticides, electronics, computer components, fluorescent bulbs, or car batteries are to be placed in your containers. Contact TOTS for more info on proper disposal of these items. 

Bulk Items and Heavy Sh*t - Residential Customers Only

First! - Please consider donating.

*Bulk item pick up is only available during designated bulk item weeks. No off route bulk items can be taken at this time.*

Twice a year, we will pick up ONE bulk item at no charge, during designated weeks only. 

YARD WASTE - Residential Customers Only

Yard Waste is not allowed in your trash or recycling containers, ever ever ever.

We will assess a $50 contamination fee for any yard waste in your cans.

Yard Waste will be picked up twice per year during designated weeks in the Spring and Fall. We will collect up to 10 bags at no charge, and anything over 10 bags will be charged to your account. Yard waste pickup is not available to customers in rural areas or south & west of I-94 or north of WI-29.

Special Fees & Policies

A $20 late fee will apply to residential customers on past due balances over $10.

We're not jerks, just call us, we just wanna get paid too. If there are any discrepancies on your bill, calm down, it's just garbage, we'll figure it out. Call us at 715-514-2261.

Returned check service charge: $35.00 // Extra Pickup Trip Fee: $20.00 // Each Extra Bag: $5.00 // XL Extra Bag: $6.00 // Extra Can: $10 per occurrence.

Trash On Trucks does not accept cash payments, which is stupid. 

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