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If we experience crap weather, we will not jeopardize the safety of the community or our employees. 

Our routes may get a late start on these days or we may not be able to run at all. Please leave your trash out and we will collect it as soon as weather permits. All routes may be delayed, even if bad weather wasn't on your day. 

During winter months, please be sure your cart is easily accessible. Shovel driveways and sidewalks so we don't fall and break ourselves, please.


Trucks breakdown, drivers call in sick, things happen. If we don't have your garbage collected by the end of the day, we will notify you of whatever calamity is happening on our end and advise you of when we can pick you up. 

Remember, there is no such thing as a garbage emergency. A full garbage can is not an emergency. If your garbage is full and on fire, that is an emergency, and you should call the fire department. If your garbage can is full and there is a gang of raccoons plotting against you and you can hear them talking, we have a different phone number for you to call.

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