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You can co-mingle your recycling. That means you can mix it all together. Cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, all of it. If you bag it, make sure it's in a paper bag. Plastic bags are NOOOOOT recyclable. In fact, they suck and gum up everything. 

Clean your recycling the best you can, no food on your recycling bits!

If you have cardboard that is too big for your cart, please break it down flat into 3'x3'. Although Chris is so tall with arms so long that he can touch the sun, the holes in the truck are only so big. 

We collect recycling every week.

To learn about what good ol' Wisco recycles, see the flyer below.


If you're concerned that recycling doesn't get recycled, it's a rumor that happens when people look at the trucks from the side. Look at them from behind, you'll see it's split down the middle with two holding cavities. The holes in the truck that the garbage and recycling get emptied into are side by side. It looks deceiving. Grab your stilts and ask for a look the next time you see our residential truck on the streets. 

If you're concerned about the world, and the 5% of recycling that truly gets recycled, that might be globally true, but not specific to our area. The solution lies in educating our youth. Here's the problem. People in this country right now are more concerned with being able to pay their electric bill and put food on the table for their families. Recycling is an afterthought, and that's why it seems like a crapshoot. It isn't. Don't stop trying. The world is evolving. 

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